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We are currently only offering space rentals as we create a new exciting creative hub for CCFS. If you are interested in creating content with our help please fill out the CCFS inquiry form and we will be in touch in July with an update on our new program launch.

An original script, a superior team, and a final product created by you.
Cast yourself in your ideal role, and gain IMDb credits at the same time! Here at Casting Central Film Studio, our goal is to help you create a high-quality short film tailored to your strengths. All our short films are shot with a studio-grade camera at our boutique film studio, complete with professional lighting and sound.
You provide your scene partner(s) and we do the rest!
*Actors can split the cost of the package if both are featured
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Book in for an hour-long consultation where you can sit with the DoP to discuss your scene and shoot in details. The notes from your consultation will be sent to you within 72 hours.
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Choose a police, legal, or medical drama, a relationship-driven drama or comedy* or come up with something of your own. Anything is possible with your custom-written script! Simply submit a one-to-two sentence prompt for our writer and have a polished script delivered to you in one week, written with you in mind. One re-edit is included.
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Arrive on set ready to rehearse, run blocking, and shoot your own short film! On shoot day, CCFS provides the DoP, AD, and PA; the actor is responsible for scene partners, as well as any craft for cast & crew.
We offer a variety of packages:
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Package 2 - The Deluxe Short Film
Six Minute Short Film, 9HR on set
Package 3 - The Custom Film Pack
You build it. We shoot it! 
Please fill out this form & we'll respond within 24HR.
**Please note: only one iMDB credit is provided per actor, per short film **
Package 1 - The Classic Short Film
Four Minute Short Film, 6HR on set
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Now that you have your raw footage, give it the final touches! Our in-house editor will take your footage to the next level by polishing the sound, colour and cutting to produce a beautiful product.
All initial edits are priced at $250 per scene.
Want another pass at it?
Additional/Secondary edits are priced at $55/HR
Additional Notes:
-Overtime to be billed at $150/HR. The DoP will be keeping track of time on shoot day and will inform the actor well ahead of time if he/she feels they may go over.
-Hair/Makeup services are not included in the package. Please contact our office for a contact should you wish have this service provided.

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