Most important: The person under whose name the booking is made is 100% responsible for the space. This means all broken/misplaced items or equipment must be paid for in full upon discovery.


TERMS & CONDITIONS Booking & Cancellation Policy:

1. To Book: You must pay in full via the CCFS website or by calling CCFS directly prior to booking. The deposit to reserve your booking is your payment in full. Renter acknowledges that cancellation of this agreement prior to the start of the rental period may result in lost bookings and other losses that would be impossible to determine. Therefore, all cancellations must be made within 24 hours of a booking. If cancellation notice is given after the 24 hour grace period, CCFS will retain 100% of the rental. No shows will not be refunded.


2. You are responsible for the accuracy of your booking. Please double-check your booking before paying for your time slot. Unless rescheduled according to our reschedule policy, we are not responsible for mistakes made due to negligence (i.e. you booked the 1st day of a month, but your shoot was actually on the 2nd day of that month, or you got the wrong month altogether, etc.)


3. Interruptions in service. Should there be any interruptions to your service such as power outages, construction noise, or an inability to find our studio or get inside, we are not liable. CCFS provides clear instructions on how to access the space to you in advance if we know we will not be there to let you in, and if you're unable to access our space as a result of not following instructions, we will not be held accountable. You are solely responsible for all your own expenses and CCFS will not be held accountable for any expenses incurred as a result of being unable to complete your scheduled project inside our studio.


4. Our Liability. You rent our space on an "as is" basis. While we will take reasonable effort to maintain the space and supplies within it, you release us of all liability should anyone injure themselves or break any equipment in our space. You waive the right to sue for damages upon booking the space.


5. Balance payment. Payment for your booking can be made in full on the CCFS website at the time of booking. For additional services* you may require, you may pay for anything at the Casting Central offices via cash, debit, or credit card (Visa/Mastercard). *Plus HST.


6. Overtime. Time starts and ends when you've scheduled it. Provided that time is available, you can stay past or come early before your scheduled time at the quoted rate as seen in the packages section.


7. Cleanliness. Please leave the studio as you found it, putting everything back in its place to avoid inconveniencing the people scheduled in after you! If you leave the studio in a non-rentable condition (i.e. the studio needs a sweep/vacuum/wipe/furniture is not back in its place/garbage is not taken out, etc), then you will be charged a $100(+HST) cleaning fee.


8. CCFS reserves the right to terminate the booking with no refund if the renter and/or the production has demonstrated a lack of ability to comply with our terms of service. Loading / Unloading / Sound: Casting Central Film Studio is located on the second floor of a two-story building. There is no elevator available and all loading and unloading must be manually carried up the stairs. The width of the doorway is that of a traditional size door. Casting Central Film Studio is not 100% soundproof. All windows are covered with removable custom-made sound proofing plugs that block out light and sound. Other activities in the building cannot be restricted or subdued to accommodate sound capture.


Waiver of Liability: Use of Casting Central Film Studio premises and equipment is entirely at renter’s risk. Renter hereby agrees that Casting Central Film Studio will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to renter, their party or possessions while on the premises. Renter holds harmless and indemnifies Casting Central Film Studio and its owners, agents, representatives, associates, officers, employees, guests and tenants against any suit, claim, loss, accident, judgment, fine, injury or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees. This indemnification shall continue in full force and effect during and after the term of the rental for such causes arising during the term of the rental.


Rental Agreement & Credit Card Authorization


Damages and Theft: Renter shall be solely responsible for any damage or loss to Casting Central Film Studio’s property and/or equipment that occurs during the time the renter or their party occupies the premises.


Should damage and/or theft occur, a $500 will be charged to the above credit card until repairs or replacements can be made. If the damages or losses exceed $500, the renter agrees to pay for the additional repairs or replacement costs, including any lose of use fees. If the damages or losses are under $500, the excess amount will be returned to the credit card charged. The renter agrees to pay for damage to the premises including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, fixtures or painted surfaces.

Thanks for giving that a read. We would love to avoid confusion.

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